20-year-old college kid catfishes the world of college football recruiting

Unique Brissett II is a unique kid, with a unique name and a unique idea. He decided to catfish the entire world of college football recruiting.

Brissett, a 20-year-old student at Westchester Community College in New York, pretended he was a wide receiver at Globe Institute of Technology, another junior college in New York. Brissett began an online campaign in which he posed as a college football recruit with a whole host of offers from schools like Michigan, Michigan State, Miami, Penn State and Kentucky.

Brissett even went as far as co-opting another recruit's highlight videos as his own and would pass off photos from the official visits of other recruits as his own. He also used scouting reports from when he actually played football at Cardinal Spellman high school in the Bronx.

Unfortunately for Brissett, his scheme all came to an end earlier this week when 247Sports' Miami site, Inside The U, caught on to his ploy. Posters on the board were wondering why they'd never heard of him even though he claimed to have an offer from the school, which led to 247Sports reporter Andrew Ivins asking the Miami coaching staff about Brissett.

Ivins learned that Brissett didn't have an offer from Miami and that the coaching staff had never even contacted him. He learned the same from Kentucky coaches.

So why did Brissett make all of this up? He just wanted "attention and followers," according to the New York Post.

"Well me and my brother was watching college football and Hudl's and stuff," Brissett told The Post in an exchange via Twitter. "Like that we was talking about it and then we both agreed we would do it (get fake offers). Then we was talking about what was our favorite college teams and then we started lying about the offers."

Brissett also said he was "laughing" and "too hype" when people finally caught on to his fun, and when asked if he learned anything from the experience he said, "not really."

What I've learned from all of this is that it's not too late for me to go online and pretend I'm a college football recruit, too. Can't wait to see which school offers this 36-year old defensive end a scholarship. I'm open to anything, but I'm really crossing my fingers for that Alabama offer. The Tide can get me to where I want to be: pretending to be an NFL player.

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