2013 Super Bowl: Bo must be proud of these guys

No doubt the Super Bowl matchup having teams coached by the Harbaugh brothers is getting a lot of attention. Former coach-turned-agent Mike McCartney, son of coaching legend Bill McCartney, has a pretty interesting perspective on the Ravens-49ers game that I wanted to share about the Harbaughs:

"My dad was the D-line coach at Michigan under Bo Schembechler [from 1974-81], and Jim and John's dad, Jack, was the secondary coach there. I am a year younger than Jim and two years younger than John.

"My parents used to use Bo to intimidate us. Bo was really rough and gruff. So Jim was like 12 years old and so confident, bordering on cocky. He'd go into Bo's office and sit in Bo's chair and put his feet up on Bo's desk. I would have never put my feet on Bo's desk. I was probably timid just walking into his office. So then Bo would come in and find him, and Jim would look at him and say, 'What's up, Bo?'

"Bo would chase him out of there, and Jim would come out laughing. Jimmy was fearless. Always was. Just like he is now. John's the same as he was back then, too. He was the nicest guy in the world. He'd always look out for us, protect us [the other coaches' kids] -- usually from Jim.

"I am so excited about this Super Bowl and have so much pride in those guys."

Obviously, the Harbaugh boys have gone on to become outstanding coaches. I'm still amazed that Jim Harbaugh turned a 1-11 Stanford program (the year before he arrived) into one that went 12-1 and finished No. 4 in the country in just his fourth season. The guy basically blew up a lot of folks' excuses. Then, he leaves Palo Alto and takes a 49ers team that was 6-10 the year before he shows up and has them in the Super Bowl by his second season. I suspect that fearless mindset has something to do with it.

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