2013 University Barbie Dolls can play with Texas A&M Ken

If you need more evidence that no area of the country is a better investment when it comes to producing college sports merchandise than SEC country, we give you the 2013 University Barbie Dolls collection, featuring cheerleaders from Tennessee, Kentucky and Texas A&M, as well as Oklahoma:

This comes a year after the 2012 collection featured Barbie cheerleaders from Auburn, Alabama, Arkansas and LSU. Do, say, Oregon fans not want to buy cheerleader Barbies? Or, more accurately, do Barbie collectors from Oregon not want to buy cheerleader dolls?

But getting back to the important topic here, viz, Barbie dressed up as college cheerleaders, the most interesting entry in the collection is obviously Texas A&M's, which isn't Barbie at all. It's Ken, outfitted as one of the famous Aggie "Yell Leaders":

The description is a must-read:

Rally round, Aggies! Ken® doll joins the Texas A&M cheer squad in a white jumpsuit and red athletic shoes with articulated arms ready to basket toss or build a pyramid. “We're gonna beat you all to Chigaroogarem, rough, tough, real stuff, Texas A&M!”

Only $24.95! Collect, collect, collect!


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