The football field is a chaotic place. There's a lot of jawing and fighting that doesn't always get picked up by microphones or television cameras. Simply put, a lot happens on the field that a casual observer may not catch. A lot of weird stuff, too. 

This would be one of those things.

Ohio safety Javon Hagan has a habit of stealing his opponents' game towels from their pants while the game is being played. Hagan posted on Twitter a shot of himself stealing a towel from a Kansas player during a Week 3 win over the Jayhawks. 

Obviously, this isn't the first time Hagan has done this. He also claimed to have stolen Corey Davis' towel during the Bobcats' game against Western Michigan last year during the MAC Championship Game. However, Davis ended up getting the towel back after Hagan claims he tried to sell it on eBay. 

As for what all this means: Do you, Hagan. Do you. 

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