Remember the good, old days when Tom Herman was signed, sealed and delivered to LSU?

You know, Thursday?

OK, so maybe it's assuming too much Houston's coach would actually last until Saturday night as a free agent. That's when various reports say LSU is ready to finalize a deal with Herman.

But Texas lost, bad, in its season finale. That changes everything. Or nothing. That definitely makes it more interesting.

It depends on who you're reading, watching or which search firm you're paying.

And that's just this week.

To catch you up, per reports, LSU is about to spend a fortune hiring a coach (Herman) coming off a loss to Memphis. Meanwhile, Texas still hasn't fired the coach with the worst record in its history (Charlie Strong).

That might change by the time you finish reading this sentence.

The absurdity of it all. While you were munching on Thanksgiving leftovers, we entered some sort of twilight zone where the coaching carousel is an hour-by-hour proposition.

The reports don't have to be right, they just have to be now.

No disrespect to anyone, but if you think some high-powered agents haven't manipulated the news to this point, you're nuts. I just can't tell you how much manipulation or how nuts you are.

Time to say it out loud: Tom Herman meet Charlie Strong. They actually just might, walking in and out of the Texas football facility fairly soon.

Or not. Texas just got embarrassed by TCU, which followed a bigger embarrassment last week at Kansas. This -- some are speculating -- might shake the Texas administration out of it coma.

That would be the one it has lapsed into when the carousel started spinning. When Texas didn't fire Strong after the Kansas game and press for Herman, LSU did. For better or worse.

Greg Fenves is Texas' rookie president. Mike Perrin is its first-time athletic director. That sort of stuff doesn't matter until situations like these, which define their abilities, legacies and schools.

The UT administration has to understand that Herman would walk on shards of glass to get to Austin. I think. But if they're going to drag their feet, Mack Brown's former graduate assistant might as well go with the next best thing.

Speaking of back-up plans, North Carolina's Larry Fedora could still be a savior at LSU, Texas or Baylor when the carousel stops spinning.

There is no certainty on any of this with two Saturdays still to go in the season. There is no certainly any of this will be static by the time sun comes up.

But If Team Texas is motivated, then we will officially have a bidding war for Herman's services. And the only certainty is someone (everyone?) has the potential to be embarrassed.

Interim LSU coach Ed Orgeron met with his bosses on Friday. That seemed to be a formality before TCU whipped Texas and Herman suddenly became more human.

(Four of Herman's losses in two seasons at Houston have been to double-digit underdogs: UConn, SMU, Navy and Memphis.)

Coach O's prospects have to be a whole lot brighter, and he's now reportedly the certain No. 2 option to Herman. Meanwhile, Texas has no prospects until it officially fires Strong.

Bidding war seems to be such an unseemly term. But so does dangling a decent man (Strong) in front of the media all week while the Texas administration decided to keep him.

So does LSU cooling on Jimbo Fisher because the Florida State coach (again, reportedly) wanted too much money. Huh? It's going to take about $20 million for LSU to snap a football next season. It has to pay off Les Miles, some of the assistants, hire the new coach and his staff.

And LSU AD Joe Alleva is upset that $6.8 million per year is too much? Dude, you put yourself in this position. You've had 10 weeks since you fired Miles to figure it out.

Fedora is a decent man, but Fedora to LSU right now gets Alleva fired.

The utter absurdity of it all includes Texas perhaps needing a 22-point loss at home to TCU to find religion.

"Not sure any of us expected this," my buddy Tim Brando said on FS1 as the Horned Frogs gutted the Longhorns on Friday afternoon.

No, we didn't. Just keep it here for the latest developments. Did we say the carousel is spinning hour-to-hour? That's waiting too long.