ACC releases 2014 football schedule

The ACC replaces Maryland with Louisville and adds Notre Dame to the mix in 2014
The ACC replaces Maryland with Louisville and adds Notre Dame to the mix in 2014. (USATSI)

The ACC released its schedule for the 2014 season on Wednesday, and while there's nothing extremely extraordinary about it, there are a couple of key changes. First of all, this is the first schedule that features Louisville, as the Cardinals replace Maryland. Secondly, you'll also notice a lot of Notre Dame games, as the Irish become partial members in 2014.

You'll also notice that Florida State gets a bye week before it's two biggest conference games of the season against Clemson and Louisville. How convenient for the Seminoles! The perks of being a national champion are nice.

The biggest non-conference games are as follows:

Clemson at Georgia, 8/30

Florida State vs. Oklahoma State, 8/30

Virginia vs. UCLA, 8/30

Virginia Tech at Ohio State, 9/6

Boston College vs. USC, 9/13

Syracuse vs. Maryland, 9/20

Miami at Nebraska, 9/20

Pitt vs. Iowa, 9/20

Virginia at BYU, 9/20

Syracuse vs. Notre Dame, 9/27

North Carolina at Notre Dame 10/11

Florida State vs. Notre Dame, 10/18

Louisville at Notre Dame, 11/22

Clemson vs. South Carolina, 11/29

Florida State vs. Florida, 11/29

Louisville vs. Kentucky, 11/29

Georgia Tech at Gerogia, 11/29

And here's the entire conference schedule by week:

Week 1

Miami vs. Louisville (Monday)

Week 2

Boston College vs. Pitt (Friday)

Week 3

Virginia vs. Louisville

Week 4

Florida State vs. Clemson

Virginia Tech vs. Georgia Tech

Week 5

Clemson vs. North Carolina

N.C. State vs. Florida State

Louisville vs. Wake Forest

Miami vs. Duke

Week 6

Syracuse vs. Louisville (Friday)

Clemson vs. N.C. State

Florida State vs. Wake Forest

Georgia Tech vs. Miami

North Carolina vs. Virginia Tech

Virginia vs. Pitt

Week 7

N.C. State vs. Boston College

Clemson vs. Louisville

Syracuse vs. Florida State

Georgia Tech vs. Duke

Week 8

Pitt vs. Virginia Tech (Thursday)

Boston College vs. Clemson

Louisville vs. N.C. State

Wake Forest vs. Syracuse

Duke vs. Virginia

North Carolina vs. Georgia Tech

Week 9

Virginia Tech vs. Miami (Thursday)

Wake Forest vs. Boston College

Clemson vs. Syracuse

Georgia Tech at Pitt

Virginia vs. North Carolina

Week 10

Louisville vs. Florida State (Thursday)

Virginia Tech vs. Boston College

Syracuse vs. N.C. State

Pitt vs. Duke

Georgia Tech vs. Virginia

Miami vs. North Carolina

Week 11

Wake Forest vs. Clemson (Thursday)

Boston College vs. Louisville

Florida State vs. Virginia

N.C. State vs. Georgia Tech

Syracuse vs. Duke

Week 12

Georgia Tech vs. Clemson

Miami vs. Florida State

N.C. State vs. Wake Forest

Duke vs. Virginia Tech

North Carolina vs. Pitt

Week 13

Duke vs. North Carolina (Thursday)

Florida State vs. Boston College

Pitt vs. Syracuse

Wake Forest vs. Virginia Tech

Virginia vs. Miami

Week 14

Virginia Tech vs. Virginia (Friday)

Boston College vs. Syracuse

North Carolina vs. N.C. State

Duke vs. Wake Forest

Miami vs. Pitt

You can see the schedule in its entirety here.

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