Shelter-in-place orders across the country are bringing about a new normal in everyone's lives during the COVID-19 pandemic. There's more down time and a lot of folks are using it as a chance to learn a new skill. For Alabama coach Nick Saban, apparently that means setting up an actual email account. 

Saban is notoriously -- and often hysterically -- behind the times when it comes to technology. In an interview with ESPN's Maria Taylor on Instagram on Wednesday, Saban said his wife, affectionately referred to as "Ms. Terry," told him she was done dealing with all his emails, forcing Saban to adopt his own account. 

"The one positive of this for me is I even have an email now. I've come a long way. It was hard to communicate when you have to be by yourself and depend on someone else to get your emails and messages. It didn't work, aight? They were sending them all to Ms. Terry. She said, 'I'm not dealing with your stuff any more.' So I had to do them on my own." 

You can watch the snippet of the interview below. 

Now that Saban has an account set up and is responding to messages himself, he can email recruits directly. The dead period in recruiting for college football -- meaning no in-person contact -- was extended to May 31 due to COVID-19 concerns. As for when that period will be lifted to allow visits, Saban didn't speculate on an arbitrary date. Instead, he seems to have adjusted as best he can to the current format while leaving the future more open-ended. 

"For a couple hours in the afternoon and a couple hours at night, I do videos with recruits, phone calls with recruits. Whatever we can do to present to them on video that they would have seen when they came here to visit, which now they can't," Saban said. "There's no practice for them to watch. We're trying to just supplement those things and develop relationships however we can. Recruits want to know, 'When will I be able to visit?' And nobody knows for sure. We just have to manage it the best we can." 

Considering there is remotely no concrete time period set for the return of college football at the present time, Saban is in the camp of coaches providing the appropriate response.