Alabama governor takes issue with Crimson Tide crunch-time play-calling

Alabama governor Robert Bentley (left) also had a laugh at the Tide's end-of-game play-calling. (US Presswire)

If you take anything away from studying the Alabama fan base's reaction to the Texas A&M loss, it should be this: They really, really, really felt the Crimson Tide should have run the ball -- as in, on all four downs -- on the game-deciding fourth-quarter goal-to-go sequence that ended in AJ McCarron's fourth-down interception.

Not exactly BREAKING news, we know. Now, prepare yourself for another shocker: In the state of Alabama, even the highest-ranking political officials, just like any other fans, care enough about the likely derailment of the Tide's national title hopes to offer their take on offensive coordinator Doug Nussmeier's play-calling.

But in the case of Alabama Gov. Robert Bentley, would his opinion on the matter happen to mirror that of the common Crimson Tide fan? Via, Bentley did just that on the Paul Finebaum Radio show Wednesday. His comments:

"I would actually have run the ball for four straight times." 

Gov. Bentley: truly, as the saying goes, a man of the Tide-supporting people.

And in this case, it's the people who have it correct. Though the Tide's execution in the passing game (and the stuffed second-down run by Eddie Lacy) no doubt shares some of the blame, the middle of the Aggies' front seven had been breached multiple times and likely wasn't in the best shape at the end of the fourth quarter. At the very least, a first-down run to try to set up short-yardage play-action on second or third down might have been a better option than starting the sequence with McCarron dropping back.

It's all too late now, of course -- both for the Tide's perfect season, and for any chance of Nussmeier running for statewide public office.

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