Alabama posts made-up quotes attributed to 'national media'

Finding new ways to get motivated in the face of ever-mounting evidence that you're just flat-out better than the competition can be hard – or so I imagine. When you've won four of the past seven national titles and are just two games away from a fifth, complacency can be tempting. But Alabama has found a new and creative and ways to keep their edge: making up mean things that the "national media" is saying about them.

According to the above photograph taken by ESPN's Holly Rowe, Alabama has posted the following quotes in their team meeting room.

"Washington hands down has THE BEST SECONDARY IN THE COUNTRY." - National Media

"Washington will BEAT ALABAMA because ALABAMA is overconfident." - National Media

Because all-caps and underlining the words wasn't enough, they also made some of the words red, but our content management system doesn't have an option for red typeface, so you'll just have to imagine it or scroll back up to the part with the picture.

It's certainly possible that some member of the sports media said these things at some point on TV or the radio, but a Google search of these two quotes returns precisely zero results. In an age when every borderline controversial comment someone makes in public gets aggregated and turned into content, it seems unlikely that anyone actually said this.

That's right. Alabama posted fake news to its IRL Facebook wall.

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