Alabama, UCF athletic directors bicker on Twitter giving Knights attention they want

Three months after the end of the 2017 college football season, UCF's self-proclaimed national championship -- only recognized by the school itself -- remains either a point of pride or source of annoyance depending on the viewpoint. As it turns out, this bizarre, polarizing offseason storyline still isn't over -- nor does it appear it will be any time soon. 

Following a victory by Alabama's women's basketball team over UCF on Sunday in the Women's NIT, Crimson Tide athletic director Greg Byrne made a not-so-subtle joke at the Knights' expense. Specifically, Byrne mocked the idea of having a parade (which UCF's football team did for its undefeated season) over a win that didn't result in a national championship. 

UCF, of course, has claimed a national title in football for finishing unbeaten even though it didn't actually play in the College Football Playoff National Championship. Alabama, on the other hand, did -- and won. (Although, ironically, Alabama has claimed its fair share of additional national championships.) 

Not content to remain silent on the jab, UCF AD Danny White responded with the following ... 

It's not like these two teams can go back and play a one-off game, but it certainly would have been interesting to see Alabama and UCF square off. For as good as the Knights were in 2017, they weren't given much respect by the CFP Selection Committee during the regular season. 

And since those two teams will never have a chance to play, we'll have to settle for social media bickering and chest thumping. 

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