Alabama vs. Clemson: Christian Wilkins gives Dabo Swinney a Wet Willie after winning national title

Clemson crushed Alabama on Monday in Santa Clara, California. Clemson's 44-16 win over the Tide was the largest margin of defeat Alabama has ever suffered under Nick Saban, and it gave the Tigers their second national title in three years.

So, naturally, the Tigers were rather ebullient following the game. After giving a long post-game interview on the field following the game, Dabo Swinney continued talking on stage during the trophy presentation. In fact, Swinney spoke so long, Clemson defensive tackle Christian Wilkins got an idea.

"What if I give my coach a Wet Willie on national television while he's speaking?"

Normally, I would not suggest such an action, but Wilkins is 6-foot-4 and 315 pounds. I'm not going to tell him not to do anything any time soon. Plus, even though I hadn't spent a lot of time wondering which college football coach would best handle getting a Wet Willie while doing a postgame interview -- no more than 10 minutes, tops -- before Monday, if I had, Swinney would have been No. 1 on the list.

So I would've been right. Hooray, me!

Wilkins will head to the NFL Draft next year while Swinney will look for his third national title in four years.

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