TAMPA, Fla. -- Ticket prices on the secondary market for Alabama vs. Clemson continued to rise early Monday, meaning this will likely be the most expensive college football championship game ticket in recent memory.

In the hours leading up to kickoff, the average Alabama-Clemson ticket sold on TicketCity has been $2,450. The get-in price to buy the cheapest ticket is currently $1,907.

This year's average price on TicketCity is the highest on record for the company in recent championship games:

  • 2017: Alabama vs. Clemson in Florida -- $2,450
  • 2016: Alabama vs. Clemson in Arizona -- $677.08
  • 2015: Ohio State vs. Oregon in Texas -- $806.10
  • 2014: Florida State vs. Auburn in California -- $840.53
  • 2013: Notre Dame vs. Alabama in Florida -- $1,620.78
  • 2012: Alabama vs. LSU in Louisiana -- $1,808
  • 2011: Auburn vs. Oregon in Arizona -- $1,200

The lesson, of course, is location, location, location. With Clemson and Alabama so close to Tampa, fans have flooded the market with high demand and creating lower inventory. There may be a lot of fans that traveled to Tampa who will end up watching the game at a bar.

Prices skyrocketed over the past week. On Jan. 1, the day after Alabama and Clemson both won their semifinal games, the average price at TicketCity was $1,162.91. The price surpassed $2,000 on Jan. 8. The most expensive ticket sold by TicketCity is $3,712 for a seat in the Lower Level in Section 136 near the 50-yard line. Typically, prices go down closer to kickoff, but that hasn't happened this year because of demand.

Graphic courtesy of TicketCity

Clemson fans, who haven't seen their school win a national title since the 1981 season, are coming in droves to Tampa. For every three purchases on TicketCity's site, two are Clemson/South Carolina residents and one is an Alabama resident. The Crimson Tide are going for their fifth national title in eight years so these games have become incredibly frequent.

Similar trends are happening at StubHub, which reports 30 percent of its transactions have been purchased in South Carolina, 15 percent in Florida and 9 percent in Alabama. Last year for the first Alabama-Clemson title matchup, 20 percent of StubHub sales came from South Carolina and 9 percent each from Alabama and Arizona.