Alabama would be favored over FSU, Baylor and Ohio State

    AJ McCarron and the Tide would be favored over everybody in the BCS Championship    
AJ McCarron and the Tide would be favored over everybody in the BCS Championship. (USATSI)

Alabama, Florida State, Baylor and Ohio State are currently your four unbeaten teams from the AQ conferences, and odds are that the BCS Championship Game will feature two of them. Of course, based on history, odds are that all four of these teams will no longer be unbeaten by the time we reach the end of the regular season.

But that's not stopping Bovada from putting out odds on potential title game matchups.

According to the online gambling site Alabama would be favored against the other three teams. The Tide would be favored by 5.5 points over Florida State, seven points over Baylor and 9.5 points over Ohio State.

Of course, I find it kind of odd that Bovada didn't bother to release spread for title games that didn't feature Alabama. Especially when you consider that they also released odds on what the BCS Championship Game matchup will be, with Alabama and Florida State being the most likely matchup.

Those odds are:

Alabama vs. Florida State 4/5

Alabama vs. Baylor 5/1

Baylor vs Florida State 6/1

Alabama vs. Ohio State 13/2

Florida State vs Ohio State 7/1

Baylor vs Ohio State 20/1

While Bovada didn't list them, I'm guessing the odds of a Northern Illinois-Fresno State matchup are LOL NOPE.

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