All Oklahoma, Texas players penalized with unsportsmanlike conduct, another will result in ejection

Well, the Red River Showdown between No. 6 Oklahoma and No. 11 Texas is off to a chippy start. Players from each team got into a small skirmish about 30 minutes before the noon ET kickoff, resulting in officials deciding to give an unsportsmanlike penalty to every player on the field.

As such, any subsequent unsportsmanlike conduct penalty called on Saturday afternoon will result in an immediate ejection of the offending player.

While the referee did not specify what drew the flag for both teams, apparently someone from the Oklahoma side threw the "Horns down" sign, which is a penalty. Recall that Sooners coach Lincoln Riley said this week that he told his players to refrain from throwing the Horns down as a taunt. "Yeah, we won't," said Riley to reporters on Monday. "Our players won't do it. Yeah, our players won't do it, just like the Big 12 [Championship] Game." 

Here's a brief clip of the scuffle. 

Seeing as this is an intense rivalry, it would be far from a shock if someone got that second foul over the course of the game. This could also mean the officiating crew is calling a tight game and hoped to set the tone early.

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