A&M chancellor: Manziel's innocent because Darren Rovell is an idiot

What was Texas A&M chancellor John Sharp doing when he blindly defended Johnny Manziel? Well, never mind about that. I know what he was doing. He was blindly defending the biggest cash cow on campus. But what was he thinking?

What on earth?

Sharp didn't just say he believes in Manziel's innocence amid reports that Manziel turned his signature into the best little cottage industry in Texas. Sharp says, "I know he's innocent."

And how does Sharp know that?

"I just know."

Ah. Why didn't you say so?

Sharp had that exchange with local TV station KBTX after sending an email to boosters that basically says Manziel can't be guilty because one of the reporters who broke the story, ESPN's Darren Rovell, is an idiot.

While I like Sharp's distaste in reporters, I can't for the life of me understand why a man as smart as the chancellor of the Texas A&M school system would cover his eyes with his hands -- and scream, "I don't see you!" -- in the face of the overwhelming circumstantial evidence that says his school's demonstrably self-centered, selfish and entitled star quarterback put on paid, one-man autograph shows for a handful of different brokers.

Again, it's one thing to defend Manziel as a person and profess to believe in his innocence. But to say you know? Because you just know?

That doesn't tell me Manziel is innocent. It tells me the guy running the Texas A&M school system is ridiculous.

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