Amway new sponsor of glass football national championship trophy

Amway is expected to be announced as the new corporate sponsor of the American Football Coaches Association national championship trophy, has learned.

Dr. Pepper has been the corporate sponsor of the award since 2009. The AFCA has scheduled a Wednesday morning conference call regarding "the USA Today coaches' poll and AFCA coaches' trophy."

Going forward in the College Football Playoff era, the glass football will be awarded to the team that finishes No. 1 in the final coaches’ poll. In the BCS era (1998-2013) , the trophy automatically went to the winner of the BCS championship game. The only split national championship in the BCS era came in 2003. USC finished first in the AP media poll while LSU won the BCS title game.

The glass football -- a Waterford crystal sculpture worth $30,000 -- had become a symbol of the national championship in that BCS era. However, the AFCA was notified within the last year that the glass football will not be considered the official championship trophy of the new College Football Playoff.

Amway is described as a “global leader in health, beauty and outstanding business opportunity for independent business owners.”



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