Jim Harbaugh is all about gamesmanship. As Michigan's coach, he has become notorious for not announcing starting quarterbacks and even ceasing the practice of releasing and exchanging depth charts during game week. 

If you check Michigan's football roster, you'll see it hasn't been updated since last season. There is no rule saying schools have to update their roster, but we're used to seeing schools do a full update in July before media days, if not earlier in the year to reflect updates for spring practice. 

NJ.com -- specifically NJ Advance Media -- contacted Michigan in an effort to get an updated roster for a feature on New Jersey players in the Big Ten. Michigan responded that a 2017 roster won't be posted "until the first game week." 

Michigan choosing not to release a roster seems a little over the top, so NJ Advance Media upped the ante by filing a Freedom of Information Act request for the roster. In the FOIA response, the University of Michigan said it would respond to the request "on or before August 25, 2017." 

That's Friday, Aug. 25, for those keeping track, one week and a day before the Wolverines' season opener against Florida

In response to Michigan's sneakiness with the depth chart, Colorado made up a fake depth chart last season for the Michigan game that included Eric Cartman at left tackle, Clark W. Griswold at tight end and Elmer Fudd at quarterback.