AP: Texas the only job that Saban would consider

Saban's success at Alabama has created a 'special pressure.'
Saban's success at Alabama has created a 'special pressure.' (USATSI)

Would Nick Saban leave Alabama for Texas? According to his agent he might consider it.

The Associated Press is reporting that Saban's agent, Jimmy Sexton, told Texas regents in January that Texas is the only school his client would consider leaving Alabama for.

"Sexton confirmed that UT is the only job Nick would possibly consider leaving Alabama for, and that his success there created special pressure for him," former Texas regent Tom Hicks wrote in an email that the Associated Press acquired.

As for what that "special pressure" was, there was no elaboration in the email.

Reports first surfaced of contact between Hicks and current Texas regent, Wallace Hall, and Saban's agent in September. At the time Saban responded to the report by saying he was "too damn old to start over somewhere else."

Odds are nothing has changed in that department, and if I were an Alabama fan I wouldn't worry about Saban leaving to take the Texas job this winter. Considering the way Texas has played since that September report emerged, it's possible there won't be an opening at the school for Saban to fill anyway.

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