APU group to fly 'Wake Up NCAA' banner over BCS title game

The group that organized the APU movement has contracted an anti-NCAA banner to be flown over the Rose Bowl on Monday.  (USATSI)
The group that organized the APU movement will fly an anti-NCAA banner over the BCS title game. (USATSI)

The National College Players Association, the group that started the "All Players United" movement, has arranged to have a banner fly over the Rose Bowl for three hours before the start of the BCS National Championship Game on Monday.

According to USA Today, the banner will read "All Players United for Concussion Reform. Wake Up NCAA!"

During certain weekends of the 2013 regular season, players across the country displayed the letters "APU" on their uniforms -- spotted most publicly written on players' athletic tape -- as a sign of solidarity for players hoping for NCAA reform.

The NCPA's executive director, Ramogi Huma, told USA Today that plans for the title game statement have been in the works for some time.

"We've been thinking about bringing attention to concussion reform at the national championship game for a year now," Huma said. "Obviously it's the biggest game of the year and the sport with the highest risk of brain trauma."

Concussions are just one stated focus of the NCPA and the All Players United campaign. According to NCPAnow.org, the group has 11 specific goals. 

1. Minimize college athletes’ brain trauma risks.

2. Raise the scholarship amount.

3. Prevent players from being stuck paying sports-related medical expenses.

4. Increase graduation rates.

5. Protect educational opportunities for student-athletes in good standing.

6. Prohibit universities from using a permanent injury suffered during athletics as a reason to reduce/eliminate a scholarship.

7. Establish and enforce uniform safety guidelines in all sports to help prevent serious injuries and avoidable deaths.

8. Eliminate restrictions on legitimate employment and players ability to directly benefit from commercial opportunities.

9. Prohibit the punishment of college athletes that have not committed a violation.

10. Guarantee that college athletes are granted an athletic release from their university if they wish to transfer schools.

11. Allow college athletes of all sports the ability to transfer schools one time without punishment.

The banner will be flown across the stadium from 4:30 to 7:30 ET. FAA regulations declare the area above a stadium of 30,000 or more a "National Defense Space" from one hour before the event and until one hour the event has concluded. 

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