Arizona State coach Todd Graham bought Bret Michaels' house

Todd Graham buys Bret Michaels' house
Todd Graham's new house is ready to rock out with a bandana on. (USATSI)

Arizona State coach Todd Graham recently bought a new home for his family in Scottsdale, Ariz. Records indicate that Graham paid $2.4 million for the new house, which is a lot of money, but the fact that Todd Graham bought a house isn't really news.

It's not news until you find out who he bought the house from.

Every home has its previous owner, just like every night has its dawn. It's just that this previous owner was the frontman for Poison, and also spent some time starring on a VH1 dating show called Rock of Love. Basically the show was about a group of young women trying to win the "love" of a washed-up rock star for reasons known only to the "WILL I GET TO BE ON TV?" gods.

So if I have any advice for Todd Graham it's that instead of remodeling the home, the very first thing he should do before moving in is spraying every part of that house down with as much bleach and military-grade cleaner he can legally get his hands on. You never know who has been in that house, but you have a pretty good idea, so play it safe. 

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