Arizona State to hold vote on mascot

The fans will pick a new ASU mascot. (USATSI)
Fans and alums will pick a new ASU mascot. (USATSI)

backlash against the new Arizona State mascot unveiled in March has prompted the school to settle the matter with a vote.

The "Sparky" released on March 1 never went over well with Sun Devils fans, to say the least. Some thought it looked too villainous, and the ASU student government wanted it banned.

But that version has now been shelved and, instead, the new mascot will be determined through an online vote. ASU students, employees, alumni, season-ticket holders and donors have until May 5 to choose among four possible options. The version with the most votes will be announced on May 7 and will debut at the Sept. 5 football game vs. Sacramento State.

Here are the four Sparkies up for selection:

The costumed version of Sparky was first created in 1946 by Disney artist Berk Anthony. It has changed more than a dozen times since then. 

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