Watch Now: NCAA Approves Blanket Waiver Allowing Teams to Play in Week Zero (1:24)

The COVID-19 pandemic has changed all of our lives over the last five months, and one Arizona football player allegedly isn't a fan of the "new normal." Edgar Burrola, a 6-foot-6, 305-pound right tackle who started six games last year, has been suspended for violating the team's COVID-19 protocols. 

The Arizona Daily Star reported on Tuesday that Burrola violated safety measures including face coverings and social distancing. Coach Kevin Sumlin confirmed that Burrola has been suspended, but didn't mention him by name when discussing the willingness of players to follow the new rules.

"There's some people that are saying that we're making guys do this, we're making guys do that," Sumlin told the Arizona Daily Star. "What we are making them do is go through the protocol. And if you're not gonna adhere to the protocol, then we can't have you here. It's my job to protect and uphold that protocol for everybody else that's involved in this organization -- players, coaches, administrators, medical (personnel). You've got coaches' families. If you're not gonna pay attention to the protocol, wear a mask, all that other stuff, we just can't have you around."

Burrola has posted numerous messages on Twitter about the situation and the current state of the program, including one suggesting that his scholarship has been reduced.

The redshirt junior from Desert Pines High School in Las Vegas played in 11 games for the Wildcats last year. They gained at least 499 yards of offense in each of his first three starts, and 495 more on Oct. 26 when he started against Stanford.