The Arkansas Razorbacks are facing a rare challenge as the football team is battling a case of the mumps. The 2-9 team already clearly has had some adversity this season, and now they are being hit with an illness.

The latest update on the situation is from The Athletic's Kelli Stacey, who reports that 13 players will miss Friday's game against the Missouri Tigers, no word on how much of that is coming from the outbreak.

Trevor Williamson, athletic department tutor coordinator, sent an email Monday to tutors that said

"Two student-athletes have been diagnosed with the mumps and they have been at the Jones Center recently. A few staff members in athletic training have also been quarantined. To be safe, we strongly recommend that everyone get the vaccine."

According to The Arkansas Democrat-Gazette, the Arkansas Department of Health made vaccines available at the Smith Football Center on Monday to all coaches, players and staff in all sports that had may have come in contact with the virus.

Hogs interim coach Barry Lunney Jr. said focusing on the player's health is what is most important. "Our care and the health of our players and our staff is always at a premium and it will continue to be that way, but I'm just going to continue to coach football and get our guys ready to play football on Friday," he said.

There is no word yet on which players and coaches are infected with the disease.

Chad Morris was fired as the Razorbacks' head coach after going 4-18 in one and a half seasons and can't the team can't seem to catch a break this season.

The outbreak is not just in the locker room, but across the school. The Arkansas Democrat-Gazette reported on Tuesday that there is a campus-wide outbreak that has affected many student and student-athletes.