Art Briles is popular with grandmothers

Art Briles Kliff Kingsbury
Art Briles' looks appeal to a different demographic than Kliff Kingsbury's. (USATSI)

Baylor coach Art Briles doesn't have all the recruiting tools available to him that Texas Tech's Kliff Kingsbury has, but he's making do with what he has.

Last week Kingsbury was asked whether or not the mother of a recruit has ever flirted with him. Kingsbury responded by saying "you've got to play to your strengths" and that it was "part of the deal, man." Well, Art Briles' strengths do not include having mothers flirt with him, but maybe the mothers of the mothers.

“I don’t seem to have that problem,” Briles said during a radio interview of his own on KTTX in Austin, Texas. “Maybe their grandmothers.

“I’m not that great of a catch, plus I’ve been a happily married man for 30-something years. I’ve never had anything happen along those lines."

Hey, in the competitive world of college football recruiting, a coach has to do whatever he can -- within NCAA guidelines of course -- to land the player. It helps keep them employed, after all.

You can listen to the entire interview here.

Hat tip: Dr. Saturday

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