Art Briles says Baylor lost out on final playoff spot by 8-4 vote

Art Briles was told Baylor was a few votes shy of a playoff spot
Art Briles was told Baylor was a few votes shy of a playoff spot. (USATSI)

Apparently the Baylor Bears were three votes shy of the first College Football Playoff.

According to Bears coach Art Briles, the fourth and final playoff spot came down to Baylor and Ohio State with the Bears losing out to the Buckeyes in an 8-4 vote.

"We've really only been nationally close once, last season," said Briles when discussing the the state of his program gaining national respect. "And if my source is correct, we fell short of No. 4 on an 8-4 vote."

That just shows how close Baylor was to getting that final playoff spot and potentially the program's first national title when you consider that Ohio State got that nod and went on to win the whole thing. That would probably have given the Bears some national relevance.

What I'm left wondering about all of this, though, is if Ohio State did in fact get chosen over Baylor via an 8-4 vote, where were the votes for TCU? Was there a voting semifinal between TCU and Baylor? Because if so, I'd really like to know the results of that vote as well.

They don't actually mean anything, but they'd be interesting, and this is the offseason now. I need something to occupy my time between now and late August.

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