'Bama fans name newborn 'Krimson Tyde'

Nick Saban should probably offer this newborn an honorary scholarship just to benefit from the publicity.  

Summer and Steven Steele, Alabama residents who kind of, somewhat, sort of like Alabama football, named their child Krimson Tyde, as reported by AL.com.

Alabama football fans … named their child (a human who will have to live with said name) … Krimson Tyde.

“The reason we named him Krimson is that we are big Alabama fans, and it is a very unique name and we loved it,” Steele said.

The mother says she wasn’t expecting the backlash from the public after naming her son after the school’s nickname.

“I’m very shocked. I didn’t think people would make a big deal about it,” she added.

Krimson, born on Dec. 17, will have two brothers – Trenton and Dawson – to look up to, as he gets older.

“To people speaking negatively about us naming him Krimson, it’s not their child nor family member, so if they have nothing nice to say, they don’t need to say nothing at all,” Steele said. 

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