NCAA Football: Duke at Baylor

The scheduled matchup between No. 7 Oklahoma State and Baylor which was set to take place on Saturday, Oct. 17 has been postponed to Saturday, Dec. 12. Baylor announced the decision due to the team's inability to meet Big 12 roster requirements because of positive COVID-19 cases on the team's roster.

"We are disappointed to postpone another game," Baylor AD Mack Rhoades said in a statement. "However, the significant increase in positive COVID-19 cases has led to concerns of an outbreak and the decision to suspend team practice through Oct. 17. Secondly, this has caused a position group to fall below the minimum threshold of available players.

"Though this is an unfortunate outcome, we remain determined to return to the field in the safest manner possible. Thank you to Commissioner Bowlsby and Oklahoma State AD Mike Holder for their cooperation in rescheduling this matchup."

Rhoades appeared on SicEm365Radio on Monday, specifying that 28 football players and 14 staff members are among those to test positive for the coronavirus. 

The news doesn't come as a major surprise as Baylor had already suspended team activities last week. The school announced the decision then saying it was a precautionary measure to "allow for further evaluation of recent positive tests and the completion of close contact tracing."

Postponed games are nothing new for Baylor this season as the pandemic has impacted its program harder than others. The team's first two scheduled games against Louisiana Tech and Houston were postponed earlier this year.

Baylor's next scheduled game is against Texas on Oct. 24. Oklahoma State's next game is scheduled for the same day against No. 24 Iowa State.