Baylor public safety official admits 'significant failure' over sexual assault

Since 2011, 17 female students reported sexual or domestic assault charges against 19 Baylor football players, including at least four alleged gang rapes, a CBS News investigation has found. Armen Keteyian's report will be the subject of 60 Minutes Sports this week on Showtime.

Baylor's sexual assault scandal was addressed in detail over the weekend after members of the board of regents discussed with theWall Street Journal topics ranging from the Art Briles' system of "not knowing" about allegations to more specific, and troubling, numbers regarding the instances of alleged assault.

"There was a cultural issue there that was putting winning football games above everything else, including our values," J. Cary Gray, a member of the Baylor board of regents, told the WSJ. "We did not have a caring community when it came to these women who reported that they were assaulted. And that is not OK."

Senior vice president in charge of campus safety Reagan Ramsower spoke with Keteyian regarding the gang rape allegations against former Baylor players Tre'von Armsted and Shamychael Chatman in 2013. A Waco police report stated that Baylor was "contacted" about the incident but criminal charges were never filed against either player.

Ramsower is described as a figure that often "clashed" with the Title IX office. In the report, he said the Baylor campus police (a group he oversees) had a history of burying sexual assault complaints.

"There was a police report. I suppose it -- stayed with the police department. It never came outta the police department," Ramsower said of the allegations against Armstead and Chatman. "That was -- that was a significant failure to respond by the police department. There's no doubt about it."

Armstead was named an All-Big 12 tight end in 2014 -- after the alleged incident. He was then dismissed in September 2015 for a "team rules violation."

ESPN's Outside the Lines revealed in April that Baylor did not investigate the rape allegations against Armstead and Chatman for two years in one of a string of revelations that led to Briles' dismissal in May.

The 60 Minutes Sports segment includes interviews with Patty Crawford, Baylor's first full-time Title IX coordinator who resigned claiming the school was standing in the way of her doing her job, Baylor's interim president and four board of regents members. Additionally, a former Baylor coach tells Keteyian she is of the belief that she was forced to leave the school after reporting a number of sexual assault allegations to the athletic program.

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