Big 12 notes: Texas' side of A&M rivalry, NCAA's terrible timing

IRVING, Texas -- Texas and Texas A&M have played each other 118 times, but when the 119th game takes place is still uncertain. The Aggies' move to the SEC put the game on hold. Rep. Ryan Guillen has filed a bill through the House of Representatives to renew the annual rivalry. A&M's president, Dr. R. Bowen Loftin, said in a statement this week "we remain hopeful that the game may continue one day through the normal scheduling process."

Texas athletics director DeLoss Dodds approaches the matter about the same way. The Longhorns are booked until 2018, and he doesn't sound like a guy who wants to cancel games to get the Aggies into Austin.

"Somewhere, some time we’ll play again. We can’t right now," Dodds said. "That’s not the end of the world. They made their decision on what they were going to do. It impacted the game they seem to want now. It will probably happen down the road.”

Happening down the road is probably a good thing for Texas -- as in, when Johnny Manziel's eligibility is up.

NCAA mess: Big 12 commissioner Bob Bowlsby said the timing of the NCAA's botched probe into Miami athletics "couldn't be worse."

"It’s at a time when the association is trying to remake its enforcement branch and is working in a general sense on credibility issues and viability issues," Bowlsby said. "I think Mark Emmert has done an excellent job in leading the organization, but he didn’t need this coming when it came. It’s a major impediment to work around. The timing is bad.”

Can the NCAA recover, or will all future investigations be tainted?

“They can recover," Bowlsby said, "but it isn’t going to be an overnight accomplishment.”

Et cetera:

* The Big 12 spoke to television/media consultants regarding the potential number of schools that could bring equal/more value to Big 12 if the league expanded. Answer? "Not very many," Bowlsby said.

* Though nothing is finalized, Bowlsby is making future bowl plans under the assumption that "Dallas is going to be one of the host bowls."

* In the Big 12's efforts to get a Florida bowl, the Russell Athletic Bowl (Orlando) and the Gator Bowl (Jacksonville) are in play. The conference's bowl agreements are up after next season, and the major conferences are re-evaluating the bowl structure in light of dropping attendance and repetitive matchups.

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