Big Ten plans on discussing tie-in to Pinstripe Bowl

It seems that the Big Ten can't quite figure out how it feels about weather.

On Tuesday the Big Ten took the stance that on-campus sites for the new playoff system were off the table because it wanted to keep its relationship with the Rose Bowl and other bowls. Michigan's Dave Brandon said that playing at northern sites within the Big Ten would be unfair to the competition -- because playing LSU in New Orleans or USC in Pasadena is totally fair -- and also that players prefer warm weather sites for the bowl games.

Which explains why Jim Delany told on Wednesday that the Big Ten would like to discuss a possible bowl tie-in with the Pinstripe Bowl in the future. Which is played at Yankee Stadium in New York. In December.

Break out the sunglasses and sandals!

So why does the Pinstripe Bowl interest Delany and the Big Ten?

"New York City is the financial sports capital of the world," Delany told ESPN. "It's a global city like Chicago. We'll have conversations with them." 

Oh, so money is the ultimate driving factor behind the decision. Who knew? Here I thought the Big Ten was worried about its players and not its previous relationships or the prospect of earning more money.

Carry on, then.
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