Big win for UCF; Fresno State and Northern Illinois too

UCF stunned Louisville 38-35 at Papa John's Stadium Friday night to put the Knights into the driver's seat in the American conference and the BCS berth that goes with it.  UCF figures to be favored every time out the rest of the way.  Win them all, and the Knights are likely Orange or Sugar bound.

However, this also means there is a very good chance that an undefeated Fresno State and/or Northern Illinois will finish ranked ahead of the American conference champion, which means that the higher rated of those two would only have to be in the top 16 to be automatically into the BCS as well.  If either were to finish unbeated, it's very likely that team would be in the top 12 anyway, but now there is likely to be a cushion in case that doesn't happen.

CBS Sports Senior Writer

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