Bill O'Brien would like Penn State to play a game overseas

Sounds like Bill O'Brien wants to take a vacation. (US Presswire)

Last Sunday the New England Patriots and St. Louis Rams played an NFL game in London, England. It wasn't the first NFL game to play in England or outside of the United States, and it won't be the last.

Penn State coach Bill O'Brien used to be a coach with the Patriots, and maybe he's just jealous of the free trip his old friends just took, because he's open to the idea of the Nittany Lions going overseas for a game as well.

During his radio show Thursday night O'Brien said that he and his bosses are discussing scheduling a game in a warm-weather climate, but he doesn't just mean the southern United States.

"Hopefully we can do something in the near future," O'Brien said.

Of course, while the idea sounds good, I have a hard time seeing this ever happening. NFL teams can travel to England because NFL teams can afford the travel costs. Colleges, meanwhile, have a hard time making a profit just going on a bowl trip.

Even if Penn State could afford to leave the country for a game -- hey, it doesn't have any bowl games to worry about right now -- I can't imagine it can find an opponent willing to make the trip with it.

So while O'Brien would like to see it, he probably shouldn't get his hopes up.

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