Bob Stoops continues to talk about the SEC

Bob Stoops isn't shy when it comes to talking about the SEC
Bob Stoops isn't shy when it comes to talking about the SEC. (USATSI)

At this point, reporters should just ask Bob Stoops what he thinks about the SEC and just let him talk for hours because it's becoming apparent that Stoops enjoys talking about the SEC. In May, Stoops talked about SEC's reputation being "propaganda" and the latest example took place on Wednesday when Stoops was asked to discuss the performance of SEC defenses this season.

A reporter pointed out the performance of Georgia's Aaron Murray this season and then Stoops happily pointed out why Murray is playing so well.

“How's that happening? They're playing all those SEC defenses," Stoops said. "I still don't know how (Texas) A&M was third in the country in total offense and scoring offense playing all those SEC defenses. I have no idea how that happened.

“Oh, they got a quarterback. That’s right.”

And while Stoops was being sarcastic, at the core of what he's saying, he's correct.

Offenses like Georgia, LSU and Texas A&M are performing so well in the SEC right now because they happen to have quarterbacks who are all ranked in the top 10 in passing efficiency this season, as Aaron Murray, Johnny Manziel and Zach Mettenberger rank fourth, fifth and sixth respectively. The only two Big 12 quarterbacks currently ranked in the top ten are Baylor's Bryce Petty and Oklahoma's Blake Bell, and it just so happens that the Big 12 is also home to three teams ranked in the top ten of scoring defenses in Baylor, Oklahoma and Texas Tech.

The SEC only has one team in the top 10 of scoring defense, and that's Florida, which is ranked eighth behind both Baylor and Oklahoma.

Of course, when it comes to the perception of the SEC as the nation's best conference, there's only one thing that will change it, and it's not the performance of the defenses in September. It's whether another school can put an end to the SEC's national title streak.

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