Boise State not going to Big East, will remain in Mountain West

Chris Petersen's Boise State team leaves the Big East with a record of 0-0 in conference play. (US Presswire)

Monday marks the "death" of 2012 and it might also signify the death blow to the Big East's run as a major football conference.

Boise State and the Mountain West announced Monday that the school would remain in the Mountain West and not join the Big East for the 2013 season.

“Without question, conference affiliation has been an odyssey for Boise State, with all the unexpected turns and changes that term suggests,” said Boise State president Robert Kustra in the release. “The benefits of geographic footprint, revenue, and national exposure have to be balanced against the changing circumstances of conference realignment. I am confident that our Mountain West membership is the very best decision for Boise State University, our student-athletes and our incredible fan base.”

The Broncos become the second school to join the Big East yet never spend a day officially in the conference, joining TCU in that regard. Of course, that doesn't mean Boise State will not have to pay the $10-million exit fee. Though the Mountain West will help Boise State pay it.

The Big East is making a living of sorts off of exit fees lately, as Boise State becomes the 14th school to leave the conference in the last two years alone.

More devastating for the Big East is the fact that now that Boise State has left, San Diego State no longer will have to pay an exit fee if it decides to leave the conference. San Diego State had that negotiated in its contract with the Big East.

As of now with Boise's return, the Mountain West will have 11 football schools in 2013, leaving it only one school shy of the 12 needed to have a conference championship game something San Diego State's return could take care of.

This could be seen as very good news for a Mountain West conference, which is currently in the middle of renegotiating its television deal. Meanwhile, the struggles the Big East seems to be having getting a new television deal of its own likely played a major role in Boise State's decision to remain in the Mountain West.

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