College football will have 43 bowl games by the time the 2020 postseason rolls around with one of the three new games being played in New England ... in the dead of winter.

The famous Fenway Park in Boston will host an upcoming bowl game between the AAC and AAC beginning in 2020, the two conferences announced on Monday. What will the name be? The Fenway Bowl, of course.

The home of Major League Baseball's Boston Red Sox is no stranger to hosting FBS college football games. It was the site of the Notre Dame vs. Boston College game in 2015, UConn vs. Boston College in 2017 and Harvard vs. Yale last season.

Boston joins Los Angeles and Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, as the three new sites to host bowl games at the start of the NCAA's new bowl cycle. The addition of Fenway to the list of college football postseason sites also marks the third current MLB park to host a bowl. Yankee Stadium hosts the Pinstripe Bowl -- another ACC tie-in -- and Chase Field hosts the Cheez-It Bowl in Arizona. 

The 43 bowl games, including the College Football Playoff National Championship, will be a new record. There will be 84 teams playing in postseason games come 2020, nearly 65 percent of the 130-team FBS.