Welcome back, Arkansas, it has been awhile.

The first year of the Bottom 25 here at CBSSports.com was just the Bottom 10, but in that second season, I expanded the rankings to 25 teams. It was in that first week of the Bottom 25's existence in 2014 that Arkansas lost its season opener to Auburn 45-21.

With it being the first week of the season, a 24-point loss to anybody, even an Auburn team that was ranked No. 6 in the AP Poll at the time was enough to get you in the Bottom 25. It was new, though, and people didn't understand how it all worked yet, so as you can imagine, there were a lot of Arkansas fans upset with me at the time.

I mean, a lot.

They called the Hogs of Hell down upon me for a week until the Razorbacks won their next game -- a 73-7 pasting of Nicholls -- and escaped the Bottom 25, and I never had to deal with them again.

Until now.

Of course, I think this time around Arkansas fans will be a bit more accepting of their spot in the ranking.

Since it's been a while for you Arkansas fans, here's a quick reminder on how it all works. You can read a full explanation here.

  • My opinion plays no factor in the rankings
  • There is true equality to start the season as math doesn't play favorites
  • Wins and losses mean more than anything
  • The formula is in no way predictive; it's a meritocracy
  • I won't share the formula

No Longer Ranked: Miami (Ohio) (25); Pittsburgh (23); UConn (20)