Bottom 25 college football rankings: Louisville, UTEP emerge to shake up the playoff race

In last week's Bottom 25, I told you how there were 10 teams with a realistic shot at qualifying for the Bottom 25 Playoff. The reason there were so many teams in the running was that the margins between the Bottom 10 teams in my rankings were thin. Well, that's not entirely true. UConn and Rice are firmly settled into the Nos. 1 and 2 spots, and will remain there with anything short of a win or the most impressive loss we've ever witnessed. 

As for the other eight teams, the margins were so close that any extreme performance one way or the other could throw things out of whack, and that's precisely what happened this past weekend. Eight of our Bottom 10 teams lost, including the entire Bottom 4, but we have two new teams entering the Bottom 4 this week for a variety of reasons.

One of our playoff race newcomers has two wins. Who is it? Find out below.

The Bottom 25

No Longer Ranked: Ball State (24), UCLA (22)

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