Bottom 25 college football rankings: UConn, Louisville headline 2018 playoff field

The 2018 regular season is over, and the Bottom 25 Playoff field is finally set. Four teams have proven to be slightly worse than their closest competitors this season, and believe me when I say slightly. While our No. 1 seed UConn -- the Huskies' score of -5.124 is the worst score of any team since I began rating teams in this system -- coasted to the finish line with its position never in doubt, the rest of the rankings were quite close. The difference between our No. 2 team Louisville and No. 8 team Oregon State is 0.710 points. The difference between Louisville and our No. 3 team UTEP is 0.003 points.

Next week, The Bottom 25 Playoff will take place. The first round matchups are No. 1 UConn vs. No. 4 Central Michigan and No. 2 Louisville vs. No. 3 UTEP. The losers of each game will move on to the Bottom 25 Championship.

Still, The Only Playoff That Matters won't commence until next week, but here's a look at the final Bottom 25 rankings for the 2018 season. What a glorious year it was.

The Bottom 25

No Longer Ranked: UNLV (20)

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