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Each Monday, Wednesday and Friday, the Eye on College Football examines what current hot topic the fans of one BCS team are obsessing over -- rationally or not. Today's team: the Baylor Bears .

This 2012 rendering of Baylor's future stadium is still worth a second look. (Baylor Athletics)
This 2012 rendering of Baylor's future stadium is still worth a second look. (Baylor Athletics)

What they're talking about is ... McLane Stadium. Peruse the board at 247Sports' Baylor affiliate BearsTruth and you'll find discussions on a wide array of topics: 2015 football recruiting, the current Bears basketball teams, even the Texas high school hoops playoffs. But one topic does recur several times -- the Bears' eye-catching new McLane Stadium, set for its debut this fall.

Over at, a thread titled "Random Stadium Updates" has reached 199 pages ... and counting. The local Waco Tribune has published multiple stadium-related articles in the past two days. The Bears have given the stadium its own Twitter feed. You get the point: yes, the development of a palatial new stadium would have any fanbase interested, but the Bear faithful might be even more interested than most.

What they're saying is ... what you'd expect. The overwhelming sentiment is that McLane Stadium will be one of the best stadiums since stadiums were invented, to the surprise of no one. But there were a handful of dissenters recently at BearsTruth ...

I know am going to get crucified over this but it is my opinion and nobody has to agree with me. Here goes. I don't think the stadium is nearly as beautiful as it could have been. It is very sixties ( think North Russell, Penland, Martin) looking. I do not like the columns at all, I think they look way too erector set. It could have been truly gorgeous if they had done it Chicago Soldier Field look, only using Baylor style ... It is wonderful and great but it could have been so much more. Inside the bowl is fantastic.

... and the response, while measured by-and-large, was firm:

• Holy Cow! You boys let what the aggys spew as insults as real constructive criticism? "Toilet seat"? Oh my, they are just simple minded idiots and deserve to be ignored, that is, if you can't find a way to put them out of their misery.

It is just jealousy. This is a fabulous stadium and will be the jewel of college football for a number of years.

Be proud of Baylor and this great stadium. Leave aggy opinions to impressing the sheep.

• It's always funny to hear it suggested that the columns be more like Greek columns. First, you'd have to scrap our entire design and start over because it wouldn't fit with any of the design, particularly the roof. Secondly, it's funny to hear them called skinny, especially with Greek columns as the alternative. Anything that tall is going to look "skinny," and Greek or Roman columns adhere to ratios. For example, a Corinthian column I believe is narrowest of the classical orders and has a ratio of 10:1. We'd be talking about like 13ft wide columns which is absurd. The stadium will be awesome and I for one am glad we didn't play it safe with the design. I'm also glad we left it to the folks who get payed the big bucks to get the design right. I think they did.

• The glass they have added on the outside has made a HUGE difference in the appearance. It went from cheap to sleek with the glass. Columns look fine.

• I really like the contemporary design. Will still look modern 50+ years from now. The columns will look great at night when they are lit up green and gold.


What we're saying is ... we'd be thrilled, too. The completed product won't look exactly like the rendering above, but it's still hard to look at a picture like this one, fast-forward it six months, and think the Bears won't have something truly special on their hands:

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