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Florida State fans are fired up about the idea that Winston could play 2 more season in Tallahassee.  (USATSI)
Will Jameis Winston play 2 more season in Tallahassee? (USATSI)

Each Monday, Wednesday and Friday, the Eye on College Football examines what current hot topic the fans of one BCS team are obsessing over -- rationally or not. Today's team: the Florida State Seminoles .

What they're talking about is … two more years for Jameis Winston . Jimbo Fisher suggested on National Signing Day that the Heisman Trophy winning quarterback might be with the Seminoles for two additional seasons. Such a suggestion was shrugged off by many, especially considering that Winston will be eligible for the NFL Draft after the 2014 season. 

Then Winston chimed in on Thursday, confirming Fisher's prognosis. 

"Obviously I'm a big baseball person, so that's an accurate statement because I plan on playing baseball next season anyway," Winston told the Associated Press

Winston continued, explaining that he's "not even worried about the draft and stuff like that," but the seeds were sown. Florida State fans across the country are spending their Friday imagining how many more games (or titles) could be won if Winston stays in Tallahassee through the 2015 season.

What they're saying is … Really!? MOAR TITLES!!! Winston already etched his name in Florida State football lore forever bringing the Heisman Trophy and a national title back to Tallahassee. If he stays two more seasons they might build a statue for him -- and over on the Noles247 Unconquered board they are talking statues and even streets.

• "People have a hard time understanding this, but this is how this kid is wired. He has a legitimate chance to make history and go down as the greatest player in the modern era of college football. The money can wait a year. It ain't going anywhere."

• "44-0 college record incoming. He's just showing off now. He clearly wants a statue. 3 time national champ. 3 time heisman.... and gets the monkey of Coach Martin's back... winning the college world series!"

• "If he gets MM to win a national title then just name the damn street after him or something important"

But not all Florida State fans are ready to etch Winston's name on the depth chart for 2015. 

• "I find it hard to believe he passes up a 25mil contract to go #1 overall once its actually an option. Jimbo always talks about pushing a kid to the league if theyre given a surefire 1st round grade. if you get a Top 5 projection you need to go to the league. id love to have Jameis for 2 more seasons but it would be heartbreaking to me if he gets injured or has a crap year in that extra season and has the Matt Barkley effect happen to him."

And what we're thinking is… The baseball angle is worth considering. Johnny Manziel kept a poker face through the 2013 season regarding his future, but by November college football analysts were openly mocking the possibility of his return to College Station. That will not be the case with Winston, and the biggest reason will be Florida State's nationally competitive baseball program. 

Winston's situation is different from former N.C. State and Wisconsin quarterback Russell Wilson, but in Wilson's case the desire to play baseball extended his college football career and now he has the option to join the Texas Rangers in spring training. Would Winston, likely to be a Top 5 pick in the 2015 NFL Draft, turn down that guarantee for another season on the diamond? 

It's worth considering -- especially since we've seen a Florida State star in the NFL and MLB before -- that baseball.

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