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Maryland breaking down the buzz
Testudo is ready for Maryland's move to the Big Ten in July. (@CoachKKenney)

Each Monday, Wednesday and Friday, the Eye on College Football examines what current hot topic the fans of one BCS team are obsessing over -- rationally or not. Today's team: the Maryland Terrapins.

What they're talking about ... joining the Big Ten. Though to be honest, "talking about" really isn't the correct phrase here. Essentially what Maryland fans are doing is reminding the world -- and probably themselves -- that the school will be leaving the ACC for the Big Ten this summer. 

While the Terps are officially done playing any athletic events in the ACC, they won't officially become members of the Big Ten until July 1. 

What they're doing is ... looking at the world through Big Ten-colored lenses. Maryland has taken to the social media world to prepare for the conference switch using the #ThinkB1G hashtag. But a simple hashtag alone does not suffice, there needs to be another step in the process.

And that step is having Maryland fans, staff, players and alumni tweeting photos of themselves wearing special Maryland sunglasses. 

What we think is ... it's going to take more than sunglasses, but it's a start. It's easy to understand why Maryland left the ACC for the Big Ten, because it saw the pot of gold at the end of Jim Delany's rainbow. Money is more important than anything else in the world of college athletics these days, and Maryland is thinking about its long-term athletic budget.

But even when you understand the reasoning, it doesn't make the change any easier to accept.

Obviously, when the move was first announced, there were plenty of Maryland fans and alumni against the idea. It's a natural reaction when your school has such a long history with its conference, and now suddenly you're moving to another conference to play against schools that aren't nearly as close to you as your old, more familiar rivals.

Indiana just doesn't inspire the same feelings as Duke or North Carolina.

And it's not just strange to Maryland fans. I've lived my entire life in Chicago, and I've followed Big Ten sports the whole time. I know that come this fall the Terps will be playing Big Ten games, but I still haven't actually wrapped my head around the idea, and no social media campaign is going to make it happen sooner.

But it will happen, eventually, and I certainly can't blame Maryland for doing everything in its power to make it look like this transition will be fun for all involved. 

While we all wait for it to happen, at least we have a picture of a giant turtle statue wearing sunglasses to help pass the time.

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