Butch Davis to Arkansas? Hahaha -- wait, you serious?

Stop it. Stop it right there with the Butch Davis-and-Arkansas talk. Seriously, stop. Don't go there.

Don't be ridiculous.

Arkansas just fired a coach because he had ethical issues.

The only reason Butch Davis, a 1973 graduate of Arkansas, is available at the moment? Because he was fired nine months ago by North Carolina. For having ethical issues.

And this is who Arkansas should hire to replace Bobby Petrino? Butch Davis? Come on. That's just silly.

Davis is the guy who had to suspend -- or whose bosses had to suspend -- damn near one-fifth of his whole roster in 2010 because UNC players had jeopardized their eligibility through two completely independent scandals: cavorting with agents, and cheating in class.

For dessert, Butch Davis also had an agent's runner on his staff -- as recruiting coordinator. Why should Butch Davis have known that John Blake was on the payroll of an NFL agent? No reason, really. Well, hold on. Butch Davis and John Blake have been close friends for decades. So I guess maybe that's a reason.

Bottom line, if Davis couldn't see multiple players on his team getting benefits from an agent ... and if he couldn't stop multiple players on his team from cheating in school ... and if he couldn't figure out that his assistant head coach/recruiting coordinator/close friend was on an agent's  payroll ...

How could he possibly make Arkansas a better place?

He couldn't. So stop it. Right now.

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