BYU 400-pound lineman gets stuck in the school's gymnastics foam pit

If there's one thing we need more of, it's college football players -- offensive and defensive linemen especially -- doing gymnastics things. But there's a drawback: when said football players get stuck in the infamous foam pit. 

Just ask BYU's Motekiai Langi

In a story from Daily Herald, Langi was one of multiple BYU athletes who were called upon by gymnastics coach Guard Young to provide some extra motivation and "mental toughness" for his girls. After practice, though, it was all fun and games. The football players saw the foam pit, used to protect gymnasts as they practice tumbling, and had to dive in. 

But then Langi, all 397 pounds of him, got stuck. 

"We all thought it was pretty funny until we realized we couldn't get him out," Young told the paper. "Then I was like, 'Seriously, how do you get someone like that out of the foam pit?' We got him out, but it took some effort and some football players to help. Thankfully, I didn't get a phone call from (football coach Kalani Sitake) about it. We kept him safe."

A funny visual? Absolutely, but let's be clear on something: foam pits as traps are no joke. They're legit like quicksand. And if it's tough to get out of one at under 200 pounds, imagine trying -- or getting other people to help -- at 400 pounds. 

Still, the effort had to be a sight. 

Langi, a freshman in 2017, spent last season redshirting and will most definitely not be joining the Cougars' gymnastics team anytime soon. 

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