BYU, Army expected to earn at least $200,000 per year in new playoff era

While 122 other teams patiently wait to see how hundreds of millions of dollars in playoff revenue will be distributed, BYU and Army have their answer.

The independents receive only $100,000 each per year from the BCS. The increase in the playoff era will be “incremental” according to a highly-placed BCS source. One source inside the BCS meeting room last week said the two schools can expect to double their take to $200,000 when the playoff era begins in two years. That’s in contrast to the Pac-12, Big Ten, SEC and Big 12 which will collect $40 million alone from their participation in the Rose and Sugar bowls.

The BYU-Army question was one of the few left unanswered about the playoff coming out of last week’s BCS meetings in Denver.

BYU and Army were not mentioned in a press release detailing access last week. In fact, they have the worst access of the any of the 124 FBS schools because of their independence. They will each be automatic in the playoff if they finish in the top four. Otherwise, they will have to be selected by the human committee.

That has led to speculation BYU may rethink its independent status. A Mountain West source told on Monday that member schools and BYU have been talking among themselves about the future, but only because those schools continue to play each other. No formal contact has been made with the Mountain West.

San Diego State and Boise State from the Mountain West are due to leave for the Big East next season. San Diego State denied it contacted the Mountain West and intends to proceed to the Big East. reported Monday that Houston’s contract with the Big East includes a clause that would allow it to leave without penalty if the TV rights don’t leave a certain threshold. 

Independent Notre Dame has access in the playoff era through the Orange Bowl. Because of its fan appeal, the team is expected to be selected by other playoff bowls if it doesn’t get picked by the Orange. Notre Dame is eligible to be picked a maximum of two times in 12 years by the Orange beginning in 2014.

Notre Dame currently collects $1.6 million annually from the BCS in years when it doesn’t play in a BCS bowl.

Navy is the other current long-time independent. However, it is scheduled to join the Big East in 2015.

With the collapse of the WAC, New Mexico State will be an independent in 2013. Idaho is seriously considering the option for next season.

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