Cardale Jones destroys heckler, has best Twitter account in football

Cardale Jones' Twitter account is one of the most entertaining in college football. (USATSI)
Cardale Jones' Twitter account is one of the most entertaining in college football. (USATSI)

Cardale Jones entered the 2014 season as Ohio State's third-string quarterback and was best known for a tweet sent back in 2012. 

For many, that tweet was all they knew about the 6-foot-6 quarterback that runs like a tank and has a howitzer for an arm. When Jones took over the starting job after J.T. Barrett broke his ankle against Michigan, that tweet resurfaced and, briefly, defined Jones. Once he stepped into the spotlight as the starter, the perception of Jones changed for most as we learned a lot about him as a player and a person over the course of a few months. 

On the field, Jones showed off his natural ability. We marveled at his arm strength, his ability to shrug off tackles from defensive linemen and destroy poor defensive backs that tried to bring him down in the open field. Jones also let us in to his personality off the field. He owned up to his "we ain't come to play SCHOOL" tweet, but he also became one of the most entertaining follows in college football

On Thursday, Jones fired back -- rightfully -- at a "fan" who tweeted at him that he shouldn't be tweeting about anything but football and should be solely focused on bringing another title back to Ohio State. First, don't tweet that at athletes. Ever. It's really dumb. (Actually, maybe it's better to just never tweet at athletes, but I digress.) The idea that an athlete should only be focused on football 24/7 is an insane thought.

Second, Jones was tweeting about a social justice issue. We usually see the "stick to sports" angle when athletes are going out to party or something, so kudos to this Twitter hero -- who has since deleted his account -- for coming after Jones for simply having an opinion on something.

This is just the latest example of Jones being amazing on Twitter, so here is some more fine work on the social media service and a glimpse into his top interests (almost all of which are Chipotle).  

He caused mass panic with a "May Fools" joke where he made everyone think he was transferring to Akron. 

Jones really wants to make sure folks have the right information when reporting on him destroying a kid in the NCAA Football video game on a hospital visit. 

When the same kid asked for a rematch, Jones had some trash-talk for him -- obviously in good fun. 

He's also a really good guy. 

Jones tried to woo UFC star Ronda Rousey at the ESPYs, so long as he didn't have to deal with another UFC fighter. 

He has desires to get into the culinary arts. 

However, if he doesn't learn how to cook, he always has Chipotle. He LOVES Chipotle. 

When not eating Chipotle, he enjoys ice cream. 

He has an adorable daughter. 

Jones got in a prolonged Twitter battle in the NBA Playoffs with Chicago Bulls center Joakim Noah. 

He's just like us! 

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