CBS Sports Network to broadcast top 10 SEC on CBS games

You can relive the 2013 Iron Bowl and other SEC on CBS classics this week
You can relive the 2013 Iron Bowl and other SEC on CBS classics this week. (USATSI)

Christmas is only a couple days away, but the best gifts you get might not be coming until after Christmas is over. That's when the CBS Sports Network will begin a countdown of the top 10 SEC on CBS games of all time, as chosen by a panel of CBS Sports experts.

From Thursday Dec. 26 through Tuesday Dec. 31 CBS Sports Network will air a countdown of the top 10 games, airing all of them in their entirety. Meanwhile, here on, we'll be providing some in-depth features on the games.

Here's the schedule of when the games will air (all times Eastern) and a link to the CBS Sports Network channel finder.

Thurs 12/26
No. 10: 2013 Alabama at Texas A&M - 8 p.m. [Video]

Fri 12/27
No. 9: 2001 Tennessee at Florida - 8 p.m. [Video]

Sat 12/28
No. 8: 2011 LSU at Alabama - 5 p.m. [Video]
No. 7: 2008 Florida vs. Alabama (SEC Championship) - 8 p.m. [Video]

Sun 12/29
No. 6: 2012 Texas A&M vs Alabama - 5 p.m. [Video]
No. 5: 2007 Florida vs LSU - 8 p.m. [Video]

Mon 12/30
No. 4: 2013 Georgia vs. Auburn - 8 p.m. [Video]

Tues 12/31
No. 3: 2010 Auburn vs Alabama - 2 p.m. [Video]
No. 2: 2012 Georgia vs Alabama (SEC Championship) - 5 p.m. [Video]
No. 1: 2013 Alabama at Auburn - 8 p.m. [Video]

So while you're going to have to spend time with your family and friends the next couple of days, we're providing you with the chance to completely ignore everybody until 2014. There's no need to thank us, it's our gift to you.

The full list of Top 10 SEC on CBS games.
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