Charlie Weis says Bob Stoops 'has a point' about the SEC

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Charlie Weis comes to his fellow Big 12 coach's defense. (USATSI)

Somebody has Bob Stoops' back.

Last week the Oklahoma coach made some comments about the "propaganda" that helps inflate the SEC's reputation as the best conference in the country and that when you look at the bottom of the league it's not quite as good as the bottom of the Big 12.

The comments brought about the kind of reaction you'd expect, as Nick Saban and Will Muschamp took measured shots at both Stoops and his comments, which, for the most part, echoed the thoughts of many in the college football world.

But somebody has finally gotten Stoops' back, as Kansas coach Charlie Weis recently told that Stoops has a point.

"Do you know the stats? In the SEC, the record of the good guys and the bad guys?" Weis asked in a recent interview.

"The stats" to which Weis is referring have appeared a few times on this blog, and paint the SEC as a league devoid of parity, at least last season. The conference's bottom eight teams went 0-30 against the top six teams in 2012.

"I’m just sayin’, you look at the bottom of our league and the bottom of their league, just going based off the numbers, there’s validity in what he said," Weis said. "I’m just going based off the numbers, I mean, I’m a numbers guy. Just based off the numbers, you’d have to say he’s got a point."

And the truth is, both Weis and Stoops do have a point; it's just not a very good point.

As a rule, when you're comparing conferences and the only card you have to play is "the worst teams in our conference are better than the worst teams in yours," well, I'm sorry but you lose. If a teacher was to say that the dumbest kid in their class was smarter than the dumbest kid in the other teacher's class, it might be true but it doesn't change the fact that both of those students are dumb, does it?

When you get down to it, though, the fact is that the SEC is a bit overrated. It's hard not to be overrated when you've won seven straight national titles as a conference. But just because the hype or "propaganda" about how good the SEC actually is might be a bit overblown at times doesn't change one fact that simply cannot be debated. The SEC is the best college football conference in the country. And it's not close.

Just because you might not like hearing it all the time doesn't mean it isn't true.

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