Charlie Weis takes issue with Kansas student newspaper's coverage

With his team sitting at 1-3 after dropping nonconference games to Rice and Northern Illinois -- and facing down a daunting seven-Big 12-games-in-seven-weeks gauntlet that kicks off Saturday against No. 7 Kansas State -- you might think first-year Kansas head coach Charlie Weis would have bigger things to worry about than the slings and arrows of the school newspaper.

Not so, as he proved on his Twitter account Thursday:

Weis defended his shot at the paper by saying he was simply defending his players:

But what prompted Weis to speak out in the first place? In lieu of anything specific, it seems very likely to be this cover story from the University Daily Kansan:

Is this illustration particularly kind to, as Weis would put it, Lawrence's "home" team? No, it's not, and doubly so considering it's the rival Wildcats -- arguably the Jayhawks' only true football rival now that Missouri is off the schedule -- who have the cartoon Jayhawk clinging tenuously to the goal post.

But it's not the Kansan's role to be kind -- it's to put out the most accurate, highest-quality paper it can, and there's no denying that picture is an entirely accurate summation of the two programs' current standing. (The Wildcats are currently 24-point favorites.)

If Weis really wants better treatment from the student newspaper, we have a simple suggestion: Don't lose to Rice and Northern Illinois.

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