Coaching Changes Daily: Saban to Texas the story that won't die

Would Nick Saban actually leave Alabama for Texas? (USATSI)
Would Nick Saban actually leave Alabama for Texas? (USATSI)

All we know about college football, all the pageantry, the BCS debates, the conference reshuffling, was just a buildup for the mightiest of stories.

Saban to Texas.

Tweet these three words and your timeline will be blessed for eternity.

Saban to Texas.

UT was the role Nicholas Lou Saban was born to play.

Saban to Texas.

This is the story that just won't die. Saban can tell the local media he's too old to start over, that he's wholly committed to Alabama and doesn't know "where y'all get your information."

Still, Saban to Texas.

Until Texas decides to keep Mack Brown for 2014 or hires a new coach, linking Saban to the job is a few conjecture-driven stories away.

Just as the Saban momentum quelled, a report surfaced Wednesday night on Twitter that Saban to Texas was a done deal. The matter was quickly resolved. Saban is on the Southeastern trail "recruiting like a madman," I'm told. Maybe he should recruit in Texas for the next seven days just to troll us all. The Holiday Inn in Austin is lovely.

After 1,243 denials in the past month, maybe Saban will actually go to Texas just so he can avoid answering questions about Texas.

This story won't dissipate because of its compelling layers -- the uneasiness of the Alabama fan base, the Longhorns' hopeful return to prominence, the back-channel UT regent (Tom Hicks, who, according to the Associated Press, talked with agent Jimmy Sexton about Saban) and Saban's disingenuous departure from Miami nearly seven years ago that doesn't give him the benefit of the doubt when he says he's staying.

Poor Mack Brown. Regents were scheming on him a year ago. He has still got a chance to win 10 games this year. He might be doing one of his best coaching jobs. But clearly he has heard the most powerful three words in college football.

Saban to Texas.

This story has unearthed such a public monster of hyperventilation that the likelihood of a Saban move seems slimmer than it already was.

Saban might be made of liquid metal and process-infused robotic parts, but he also has feelings. The Miami PR mess affected him. He was called a liar. Doesn't want that mess again.

Texas and Alabama fans each have convenient bullet points to make their case. If you're Texas, you believe Saban needs a change, the pressure of Tuscaloosa is too great, he's losing his coordinators, titles will be easy to snag in the Big 12 vs. the cannabalization of the SEC, it's too difficult in today's era to sustain success at one place, the expectations have reached absurd levels, and boy, that Iron Bowl makes you think twice.

If you're Alabama, you'll say Saban has every resource, the best job in the country, he's too old to leave, he's beloved in the South, Ms. Terry's happy, Ms. Terry says we're staying, they built Saban a statue, and oh how the weight room is awesome.

The tiebreaker: Alabama is a better team with a better chance at a national title.

But if I tell you Alabama has a better case, it might not matter.

While we're all being played by the college football machine, Saban to Texas is whatever you want it to be.

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