Coaching Changes Daily: Texas can rewrite Mack's ending

1. Texas still has a chance to help rewrite Mack Brown's ending

After internal struggles, power plays and questions about who's in really charge this week, let's see if Texas can clean this up a bit -- for Mack Brown's sake.

Brown was scheduled to meet with Texas athletic director Steve Patterson and president Bill Powers late Friday afternoon, according to

Brown's situation lacked finality until regents voted on Powers' future Thursday. Now that the regents voted to retain Powers, Patterson won't be handcuffed and can talk to Brown openly about what's next.

With a 30-19 record the last four years, Brown has two choices -- decide it's best for him to step away or fight for his job with thoughts of a BCS bowl in 2014. 

Some Texas supporters might not care either way and will want him out. But at least let this process play out properly.

2. After asking around from the Alabama side, I'm not sure anyone there truly knows what Saban will do. (Update 9:20 p.m. ET: Nick Saban is close to an extension with Alabama) But one thing seems clear -- if Saban goes, Alabama officials will be awfully confused based on recent dealings with Saban's camp.

Past contract talks have been productive, and Alabama has made clear it is willing to re-invest in Saban, who makes $5.62 million, plus bonuses.

The longer this drags on, the worse it is for Alabama. If this were just about money, an extension might be signed already.

3. Three high-profile coaching contract extensions and the hiring of Chris Petersen at Washington have amounted to nearly $17 million in annual salary between A&M's Kevin Sumlin ($5 million), FSU's Jimbo Fisher ($4.25 million), Baylor's Art Briles (more than $4 million) and Petersen ($3.6 million).

Talk about upward mobility. This is a fabulous week to be a coach. As @slmandel points out, "by the end of the hiring season $3 million -- which only a few years ago was rare -- will be considered average for a BCS coach."

The coaching job market has been slow -- only Bowling Green, FAU and Arkansas State are currently open -- but that scarcity has been offset by bloated salaries.

Sumlin, Fisher and Briles chipped the ice, and Saban's new contract, wherever it is, will start the avalanche.

4. Florida defensive coordinator D.J. Durkin's name will inevitably come up in the Bowling Green search, and though it's uncertain if there's genuine interest on either side, he makes a lot of sense.

He's young (35), he coached at Bowling Green as a GA from 2001-02 and full-time assistant from 2005-06 and he keeps getting promoted.

There might be nothing to see here, but folks in the coaching industry are tracking this one.

Jumping to the MAC can be a bold yet rewarding move. An SEC coordinator would likely take a paycut to go but might springboard to a BCS head job with a few successful years.

5. Looks like FAU's search could dip into next week. Many expect AD Pat Chun to pull from the pool of coaches at Ohio State, where Chun once worked.

As for Arkansas State, I get the sense Cincinnati OC Eddie Gran will hold out for another job and not pursue this one. FAU made sense for Gran but he's not in the running.  

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